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Here’s to the Ladies!

Share List Father’s Day is quickly approaching, but before we take the spotlight off dear mom, let’s take a moment to talk about the influence of mothers–and women in general–on all things financial.   Kathleen Sebelius, the U.S. secretary of health and human services, recently posted this tweet: “President Obama: Being a woman is no […]

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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Share List According to a news survey by The Millionaire Corner, a Series 65 online resource about investing, this highly charged political environment regarding the future is about as stressful as swatting at mosquitoes during a Friday night barbeque. The real issues, at least as far as affluent investors are concerned, are stock market conditions, […]

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Boil and Bubble: Potential Bond Trouble

Share List “Double, double. Toil and Trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” This is dialogue from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. Translated into today’s vernacular, it could describe what many see as a bubble in today’s bond market.   [CLICK HERE to read the article, “Vanguard’s McNabb on Budget, Taxes and Bubble Risks,” at The Wall Street […]

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Pension Trends

Share List If you could look into a crystal ball and predict which retirement income plan was more likely to be around in 20 years – would you choose Social Security or company pensions?   [CLICK HERE to read the article, “President Obama looks to reduce Social Security cost of living increases with ‘chained CPI’,” […]

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