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The January Barometer?

Share List A market theory that has developed over the years is called the January barometer. The theory basically asserts that whatever happens in the financial markets in January is a precursor for what will happen over the rest of the year. Unfortunately, January started the New Year with volatility – just a timely reminder […]

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Paying for Healthcare, One Way or Another

Share List Despite a rough start, enrollment in private health plans through The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as “Obamacare”) was at three million by the end of January. Some five million are expected to sign up by the March deadline — a considerable improvement from its inauspicious beginnings, but still […]

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Share List In the wake of the recent Olympic winter games in Sochi, Russia, a number of economists have mounted theories linking success at Winter Olympics with economic development for participating countries. One such research paper by two French professors purports that the number of Olympic medals a country wins is directly correlated to that […]

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Tax Updates

Share List As we enter tax season, many issues abound. Congress is back in session and, you never know, may at some point start discussing ideas for tax reform. Whether or not Congress tackles reform provisions this year, things may change within the tax landscape. That’s because every year there are a plethora of provisions […]

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