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Opposites Attract: Couple Finances

Share List It’s very common for a married couple to have vastly different financial personalities. One may be frugal and the other a big spender. As we all know, money can be the source of some pretty big challenges in a relationship.  In fact, a recent survey revealed that 73 percent of couples said their […]

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Being Wise in a Smart World

Share List These days, it seems like everything’s getting smarter. Smart phones, smart cars, smart appliances, smart technology.  Maybe we take things like this for granted, but you can start typing any phrase into Google, and the computer will finish it for you. That’s pretty darn smart.  Unfortunately, our increasingly smart world creates a host […]

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Jobs After Age 55

Share List The good news is 62- to 64-year-olds experienced the largest increase in jobs between 2007 and 2014.1 The not-so-good news is that many of those jobs are not of the upscale, high-paying variety.2  New research from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College offers insights into the type of work that older […]

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long-term care insurance

Long-term Care Insurance Considerations

Share List Long-term care insurance (LTC) has experienced some growing pains in recent years. Sustained low interest rates and coverage limitations have made it difficult for some to find policies that meet their needs.1  As a result, many LTC insurers have exited the business because they couldn’t make a profit.Today, there are only 14 carriers […]

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The Far-Reaching Applications of Insurance

Share List When most people hear the word “insurance,” the things that come to mind may be home, auto or life. However, the scope of what can be covered by insurance extends far beyond everyday needs.  Unfortunate as it may be, the news is often filled with natural and man-made disasters. The role insurance plays […]

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