Types of Annuities

The Ultimate Guide to “Types of Annuities”

Share List Are you approaching retirement? If so, you’re probably finalizing your plans. Perhaps you’re projecting your income, developing your retirement budget, or even analyzing your investment allocation. Retirement is a big financial challenge, so it’s important that you develop the right strategy for your needs and goals. You have a wide range of financial […]

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Couple working on healthcare for retirement

Health Care in Retirement: What’s Your Funding Strategy?

Share List Think Medicare will cover all your health care expenses in retirement? Think again. Medicare is a valuable resource for retirees, but it doesn’t cover everything. In fact, even for covered services, Medicare doesn’t cover the full cost. In most cases you’ll have copays and deductibles. In fact, Fidelity estimates that health care could […]

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Retirement Income Distribution

The Other Side of Retirement Planning: Income Distribution Strategy

Share List For many people, retirement planning is all about asset accumulation. Retirement is a substantial financial goal. To have a successful, comfortable, and financially stable retirement, you’ll likely need income that lasts for multiple decades. Generating that kind of income requires assets, hence the focus on saving and accumulation. There is, however, another side […]

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Retirement Checklist

A Retirement Checklist for Baby Boomers

Share List You’ve spent the past few decades building a career and raising a family. Along the way, you may have accumulated a substantial number of assets. Now retirement is quickly approaching, and you’re wondering if you’re as prepared as you need to be. Many baby boomers measure their preparedness in terms of assets. They’re […]

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