How To Buy An Annuity

Share List There are ton’s of popular searches on the internet that surround search terms like, buying an annuity or how to buy an annuity. Clearly there’s a great need for consumer’s to get the know-how’s as to buy such a product. Let’s first address a few common reason’s why people buy annuities. 1) Safety.…


Annuity Income Planning

Share List When we think about retirement income, certain sources of income come to mind. Social Security, pension (if your lucky), IRA distributions, 401k distributions, rental property etc. The problems with all of these sources, with the exception of Social Security and possibly your pension, your income has no guarantee that you won’t outlive it.…


The Power of Mindfulness

Share List It seems everywhere you turn these days, from news shows to news articles to local advertisements, there’s this idea of promoting “mindfulness” in our day-to-day lives. Mindfulness is generally accepted as focusing one’s mental state on the present moment, being completely aware of all elements around us. Some financial professionals have expanded this…

Medicare Reform

Medicare Reform Outlook: Uncertain

Share List With a new administration in the nation’s highest office, there is growing debate about Medicare reform. The federal program, which helps provide health insurance to those over 65 and certain younger people with disabilities, is partially funded by participant premiums and a 1.45 percent payroll tax, matched by employers. Yet, it routinely exceeds…

U.S. Real Estate Market

U.S. Housing Market Update

Share List The 30-year fixed mortgage rate rose from 3.5 percent to 4.25 percent after the presidential election. While higher rates might deter potential homebuyers — particularly young first-timers — residential real estate is expected to continue being a seller’s market throughout 2017.1 Meanwhile, the fate of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac remains unclear. These…