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Retirement Income Distribution

The Other Side of Retirement Planning: Income Distribution Strategy

Share List For many people, retirement planning is all about asset accumulation. Retirement is a substantial financial goal. To have a successful, comfortable, and financially stable retirement, you’ll likely need income that lasts for multiple decades. Generating that kind of income requires assets, hence the focus on saving and accumulation. There is, however, another side […]

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Annuity Questions

4 Common Questions About Annuities and Retirement Planning

Share List If you are approaching retirement, you may be researching various investment tools and vehicles that could help you fund your lifestyle and living expenses. In your research, you have probably read or heard about annuities as popular retirement income vehicles. An annuity may be an effective retirement planning tool for you. However, they’re […]

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Confident in Retirement Income

How an Annuity Can Boost Your Financial Confidence in Retirement

Share List Do you feel good about your financial picture as you approach retirement? If you’re like many Americans, you may have doubts. According to a 2016 study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, only 21 percent of Americans say they’re “very confident” that they will have enough money to live comfortably through their retirement […]

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Deferred Annuity Questions

Deferred Annuities: Answers to Your Questions

Share List Are you in the process of preparing for retirement? If so, you may be exploring the various financial tools available to help you manage your assets and income after you retire. From IRAs to insurance to investment products, you have a broad range of tools and products at your disposal. An annuity is […]

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3 Benefits to Owning a Deferred Annuity

Share List If you’re currently planning for your retirement, you’re probably aware of some of the financial challenges you may face. Many retirees are concerned about whether they’ll have enough income to live comfortably in retirement and whether that income will last their entire life. Investment volatility is another common concern. If the market takes […]

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Annuities started in Rome

Annuities Through History: Why They Aren’t a Fad

Share List There always seems to be some new financial tool or fad that offers an easy way to solve your biggest financial challenges. If you’re approaching retirement or recently retired, you may have even seen complex financial products that sound too good to be true. Some people mistakenly place annuities in that category. Annuities […]

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Fixed Index Annuities

Fixed Indexed Annuities: Answers to Common Questions

Share List Is retirement quickly approaching? Are you currently exploring tools and products that can help you enjoy a financially stable and comfortable retirement? From IRAs to insurance to investment vehicles, you have a broad range of tools and products at your disposal. An annuity is one such tool. Annuities are often used to generate […]

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