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The Retirement Savings Crisis

Share List There’s a retirement savings crisis in the U.S. According to the Economic Policy Institute, “nearly half of families have no retirement account savings at all, and the median for all families in the U.S. is just $5000 in savings. As beautiful as the idea of retirement seem’s it’s not always, golf courses and […]

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Living healthy in old age

A 100-Year Lifespan: Ways to Help Increase Enjoyment

Share List   The average life expectancy of a baby born in the U.S. today is 80 years. However, this prediction assumes prevailing patterns of mortality at the time of birth stay the same throughout a person’s life.1 In reality, patterns of mortality improve over time thanks to discoveries and innovations in nutrition and medical […]

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The Power of Mindfulness

Share List It seems everywhere you turn these days, from news shows to news articles to local advertisements, there’s this idea of promoting “mindfulness” in our day-to-day lives. Mindfulness is generally accepted as focusing one’s mental state on the present moment, being completely aware of all elements around us. Some financial professionals have expanded this […]

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Fitness Activities

Health Tips from Around the World

Share List These days, it’s difficult to tell if America is still the greatest country in the world or one that has slipped from its pedestal. Perhaps it depends upon the measuring criteria. It is widely documented that the U.S. spends more on health care than any other country, with a total bill of $3.2 […]

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marriage and finance

For the Health of Marriage

Share List Turns out marriage can do more for your heart than fill it with love. A recent study found that, among other health benefits, married people have a higher probability of surviving a stroke.1 They are also more likely to survive major surgery, have fewer heart attacks, be less likely to have advanced cancer […]

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Woman working on finances

Looking Through the Glass Ceiling

Share List The Women’s Rights Movement began in 1848 to enable women to have representation in decisions impacting their social, civil and religious rights.1 While Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential candidate from a major party, was not elected this year, women take their right to vote very seriously. In every presidential election since 1964 […]

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wellness travel

Tips for the Modern “Wellness” Traveler

Share List Traditional vacation prep used to entail choosing a budget destination, buying some traveler’s checks and heading to the airport just in time for your flight. For many, that list of things to do has changed drastically.  “Wellness travel” has become a big draw for vacationers who are willing to spend around 140 percent […]

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