Annuity Analyzer

Annuity Analyzer

Imagine having X-ray vision that allowed you to clearly see your annuities for what they really are. That’s how clients have described our Annuity Analyzer process. No financial jargon, no hidden fees and no surprises.

All too often, we as consumers don’t read all the fine print. It can be long and confusing. When you have an annuity specialist working for you, you will have someone who can do that for you, and help you understand what you need to know.

By analyzing your individual situation and working with your current annuity carrier, your annuity specialist will take your existing annuity policy and break it down line by line, feature by feature until you understand the policy specifics.


We want to ensure your annuity meets your specific goals and needs, plain and simple. After completing
the process, you might decide to customize your annuity with the addition of waivers and riders to enhance the liquidity and flexibility of withdrawal features. We can help you with that.

Of course, it’s possible your current financial situation is already the best road for you, and we may not be able to improve your annuity until a later date or not at all. After completing the Annuity Analyzer, you might decide your annuity is working for you just as you wish it would. Great! We will be glad to have helped you achieve clarity, even if we cannot help you improve it. Results will vary as they are based on a case-by-case basis, but our goal is always to help you achieve financial stability and increase your income for retirement.