Distributing Income During Retirement

Retirement Income Planning

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Internet searches are going hog wild about this retirement related topic. With so many question’s surrounding retirement income planning, how exactly do you create an income in retirement and not outlive your money? The answer to this question is really pretty simple, but let’s first take a look at the different investment and insurance options (annuities) that provide either a guaranteed income/fixed interest/dividend’s or a speculative income.

Fixed Interest Product’s

  • Individual Bonds (U.S. Treasury, Agency, Municipal, Corporate, High Yield)
  • Bank/Credit Union C.D.’s
  • Money Market’s
  • Fixed Annuities

Guaranteed Income Product’s

Notice the trend? Annuities are the only vehicle’s that are contractually obligated to give you a guaranteed income for life. Considering life’s unpredictability, annuities are by far the best way to GUARANTEE an income for life.

Speculative Income Product’s

  • Bond Funds
  • Structured Product’s
  • Dividend-Yielding Stocks
  • Preferred Stocks
  • Fixed Rate Capital Securities (FRCS)
  • Equity Income Funds
  • Asset Allocation Funds
  • Income Replacement Funds
  • Defined Maturity Funds
  • Strategic Funds
  • Closed End Funds

Retirement Income Needs

If you like flying by the seat of your pants and taking risk then a speculative income mix can provide you with income. However, as a retirement income specialist, making recommendations based upon hopes and dreams, isn’t something I’m inclined to do.

Taking a need’s, protection based approach is the secure way to go. It’s such things like, market corrections, scandals, war’s and wild political environments. It’s events like that you have Zero control of, that can unwind and ultimately impact the lifestyle and security you planned for.

So when you think about never outliving your money remember this… Only one such vehicle can TRULY GUARANTEE a fixed, stable, reliable, for life income, and that is an annuity.


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