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    Founder Ryan Eaglin

    Annuity and Retirement Planning “Guru”, Ryan Eaglin is the president at Eaglin Financial Services. He has 14 years’ experience in protecting lifestyles and legacies.

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    Annuities come in many shapes and sizes. Different ones are used for certain goals and needs. Click here to learn the differences and find out which type may be right for your situation.

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    Protecting your retirement with the highest rated annuities and highest paying annuities is made simple, with our needs based planning strategy.

    With the newest annuity products and dedicated planners, this centuries old income and preservation tool is here today available to help secure your financial future. Although different (loaded with more flexibility) from its founding days in the Roman empire. We believe it’s root’s in history and track record of security speak for itself. With the many extra tools and features available now, these make annuities a vital, modern retirement strategy of today!

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